Meal Delivery is the Future!

Ask any of your friends and family how they’re doing and you’ll hear the same answer more often than not, “Busy”.  It might be accompanied by an eye roll or a sigh but the fact is that many of us today are caught up in what feels like a whirlwind of activity.  Between work, household chores, yard maintenance, kids and their school activities, and trying to squeeze in a bit of social time... too often our mealtimes are hurried occasions that involve at least one evening at the drive thru or ordering in.  Unless you’re truly on the ball and plan ahead, meals can, unfortunately, become just one more thing to add to your already packed list.

Luckily, there is hope on the horizon.  Until fairly recently, options were limited to either having meals mapped out well in advance, or lowering normal meal standards and eating out or ordering in.  If you’re looking for a better option to fit into your schedule, cut out much of the planning, limit your hassled line ups at the grocery store and maintain your desire for more healthful meals, you’re in luck.  Meal deliveries are on the rise, and it’s not quite what you might think.  Companies have clued into the fact that a growing number of households are concerned about what they’re feeding their families and that even in the midst of our busy lives; we want to eat fresh, wholesome food.  Meal kits come with fresh, pre-measured ingredients, a step by step recipe, and are easily delivered right to your door.  All you have to do is pick which ones you’d like for the week, and follow the recipe for a home cooked meal your family will enjoy, some meals are even pre-cooked!

The benefits of these meal deliveries are numerous.  They eliminate the need to plan meals on your busiest days, and they wipe out those rushed grocery store visits. If anything it’s nearly if not faster than getting fast food because it’s brought right to your door!  The pre-measured ingredients and recipes mean that your meal comes together quickly and easily, sometimes it’s as easy as heat and eat!

Businesses are cropping up all over Canada as the idea catches on and households take advantage of the convenience of healthy, home cooked meals.  Some companies offer delivery on a weekly or bi-weekly basis while others offer a designated pick up location.  Most have an online site where families can select the meals they would like for that week and make payment.  It’s been suggested that the meals can be on the pricey side, so this may deter some households, but those who are regular purchasers feel that the returns far outweigh the downsides.  But factor in the portion sizes, and in the long run it could match your weekly food intake very closely. It doesn’t eliminate the need to grocery shop, but it eliminates much of the stress of having a balanced diet.