Choosing the Perfect Wedding Banquet Hall

Congratulations!  Planning your wedding can be an exciting time for any new bride to be!  One of the first things on your list is likely going to be finding your banquet hall venue.  With so many different options it can be a mind boggling choice, but there are a few things to think about that just may make your planning go a little more smoothly.  Take a read below!

1.       Wedding size

Maybe you’ve only just sent out the invites and you’re not quite sure how many of your friends and family will ultimately show up.  That’s ok, but it sure helps to have a general idea of what size your wedding will be.  Your venue will vary greatly for a party of 60 than for a bigger wedding of 200, and you’ll want an ideal venue to accommodate whatever size you’re looking at.   Having a rough idea of how many bodies you need room for will at least help you to cross certain locations off of your list as being too small or too large.  A key issue that sometimes get missed is whether or not you’ll need handicapped access to the location.  Do you have anyone coming that will require a wheelchair?  How about octogenarians that may have difficulty making it up a large flight of stairs? 

2.       Season

What time of year are you planning your festivities?  Different venues have different looks depending on what season you’ll be visiting.  Some are perfect for a dream wedding in the middle of winter while others might play host to gorgeous gardens for a spring or summer wedding.  Trees and landscape will also factor in; is there a pond that would be ideal for pictures or are you hoping to capture fall colours?  Visiting the grounds of your chosen locations and discussing what they look like during different times of the year will help you weed your list.

3.       Time

Make sure to visit locations at different times of the day or, if you know what time you’d like to get married, be sure to visit them during that time specifically.  If you’re speaking to the hall coordinator at noon but are planning a 5pm wedding, you’re not getting the best idea of what the venue will look like during your ceremony.

4.       Full Service or Non-Full Service

One isn’t better over the other, but you’ll need to know whether your hall rental includes chairs, catering supplies, linens, etc or not.  Take a look at parking access as well – you don’t want guests scrambling for change at a parking meter if the venue doesn’t have the parking capacity.

5.       Wedding Style

If you’ve opted for a themed wedding, the banquet hall can play a part in that theme when chosen carefully.  Think about how you decor will fit into the hall.

If you’re getting married in the Toronto area, make sure to give BOUTIQUE MEALS a call; our Banquet Hall is the ideal location to make your wedding dreams come true!