Can't stop eating junk food? 5 tips to help you kick the craving.

We’re bombarded these days by so many food advertisements.  Turn on your TV and you’re going to come across a sea of processed food dancing across the screen and tempting you with their “flavours”.  We get bombarded again when we hit the grocery store or nearly any checkout line.  Bright colours, packaged treats; the big guys know how to advertise and they do it well.  Healthy people know that the way to a healthy body and mind is to stick with natural, whole foods; the less processed the better.

How does one avoid temptation and start on the right path to food that will improve your overall wellbeing?  Boutique Meals presents you with 5 of the best tips to steer you in the right direction below.

1. Plan ahead!!

Whether it’s only a day in advance or a full week of meals at a time, whatever method of planning ahead works best for you, go for it! If you can’t make meals ahead of time, at least determine your meal plan a couple of days in advance so that you can prepare your shopping list.  If you stick to the list, you’ll be far less likely to give into the temptation of tossing random snacks into your basket.  As an added bonus, because you know from your recipe or meal plan exactly how much of each ingredient you’re going to need, there will be less food waste.  No more bags of soggy spinach forgotten at the back of the fridge!

Get family members involved when possible – make cooking a social time for friends and family and get them to pitch in.  It’s more fun when you have company and because you’ll know what the meals are ahead of time, it’ll be easy to delegate which kitchen job suits each member of the family.

2. Don’t deny the occasional treat

If you deny your cravings, you’ll only obsess about them.  Sometimes you can satisfy your craving with a healthy alternative, but sometimes that one treat is the only thing that will do the trick.  The key to healthy eating is moderation; it doesn’t mean denying yourself the occasional indulgence, but it does mean ensuring that the indulgence is no longer one of your staple foods. 

Stick to up to 6 smaller meals throughout the day to help keep cravings at bay.  It also helps to keep a good supply of healthy snacking foods for when you just want something quick and easy.  At times it’s the idea of having to wait for our food that leads us to fast food or other unhealthy alternatives.  If you have a snack that’s quick, easy, and nutritious, you’re already ahead of the game!

3. Explore your options

Don’t stick to peas and carrots and anticipate that your new healthy eating is going to catch on and be enjoyable.  If you explore different foods and ways to cook them (or eat them raw) then you’ll be more motivated to stick to the plan.  Your local library is a great resource for cook books, and you’ll be able to change them up as often as you like.  Many grocery stores offer free magazines featuring interesting recipes, and online is a wealth of ideas for every taste.

4. Keep it simple

A lot of foods are wonderful eaten raw, so explore options like salads, which are far more exciting when more than iceberg lettuce and some grated cheese are involved.  Salads can incorporate pasta, delicious homemade dressings with wholesome ingredients, and veggies and fruits, nuts and grains.  Try tossing with feta or goat cheese, or chopped avocado is a beautiful creamy alternative to cheese.  Explore the world of herbs for flavourings and look for short, simple ingredient lists on products that you can read and understand!  Recipes don’t have to be complicated to be delicious.

5. Steer Clear!

Stay away from the bad food aisles!  If you don’t bring it home, you’re less likely to be tempted into eating it.  Stock your pantry and fridge with things you know you like and actually contain some nutritious value.

Even with helpful tips, we know you lead a busy life; not everyone has time for meal planning and preparation.  Most families rely on the income of both parents and we know you’re tired at the end of the day. If you’re finding time an issue, and healthy eating has fallen to the wayside, we can lend a hand. 

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