Your Toronto Banquet Hall

We have a spacious banquet hall conveniently located in Toronto, and it can be used for a myriad of purposes which include but are not limited to:

  • Banquet Hall

  • Wedding Hall

  • Reception Hall

  • Meeting Rooms

  • 120 Free Car Parking Space

  • Bar and Lobby

  • Catering Services

We also provide quality services and amenities such as:

  • 120 car parking spaces for FREE

  • A fully serviced bar and lobby

  • Catering services

Why choose our Banquet Hall?

Whether it’s for a wedding banquet or a Bar Mitzvah, our banquet hall is perfect for any event of your choosing. With a giant open concept area and an accompanying dance floor, our venue can accommodate any party! We know that people like to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, fund raisers, fashion shows or any cultural events in style. Regardless of the event, no matter how simple or how extravagant, our banquet hall is perfect for any event of your choosing. We want to be able to take any event from weddings, anniversaries and birthdays to meetings, fundraisers and fashion shows and host it for you with style. This is why our banquet hall is considered to be one of the best in Toronto because we can support any function or event, and are easily accessible to all guests. We will ensure that your event will run smoothly and hassle free while you have the time of your life.

General Set Up:

We like to keep our guests informed of the typical schedule that we follow for set up so that they know what to expect without any surprises. If you host an event at the Toronto Banquet Hall, here is the breakdown of what will happen. When your guests first arrive at our Toronto Banquet Hall, they will be welcomed by spacious lobby adorned by clean, modern flooring and comfortable seating with an open window concept to allow the natural light illumination. Of course, our venue comes with curtains as we do not want our guests to feel uncomfortable with too much sunlight. As you proceed through our entrance hall you will see the spacious meeting room that can accommodate up to 500 guests and is equipped with audio visual equipment, a dance floor and a built-up stage to accommodate all of your speaking and entertaining needs.

Meeting Rooms:

Do you have an upcoming conference or need a spacious venue that can accommodate a sizeable amount of people? Look no further! Our meeting rooms are properly furnished, decorated and set up with any audio/visual communications equipment for any of your corporate needs. Just call today to book a meeting room!

Our Catering Services:

Toronto Banquet Hall also offers premium catering services for any events that you may decide to host, to ensure that you have a stress and hassle free experience. Our catering staff have had years of experience and training in order to provide the most exemplary service and dedication to any of the events we hold. In regards to your food, we use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create delicious dishes that are not only mouth wateringly scrumptious but also extremely unique. Click here to take a look at our Health meal delivery service located in Toronto. These recipes have a great balance of health and taste, while being cost effective, making it affordable to cater and deliver. Every week we post a new menu with new recipes, just to keep things interesting. We like exploring new food dishes and expanding our tastes. So, with that being said, why not have a great and unique meal while you celebrate your festivities? Many of our food dishes are multi-cultural, wholesome and are pulled from various diversified communities from all over the world. In addition to that, our full service and spacious bar is always ready to serve any and all beverages of your choice with the accompanying waiters and waitresses on stand-by for any additional services. And…did we mention that we also have FREE parking? With over 120 spaces, why not come right over and take a look at our venue today! We promise that we won’t disappoint.

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