Boutique Meals

Our boutique approach to food services brings you the food you like, served the way you like it. 

Using the highest quality ingredients, we prepare small food batches to maintain high culinary standards. We offer variety, home delivery convenience and develop excellent recipes to keep you excited. Enjoy delicious food made with care. 

You're Busy, We Totally Get It

Healthy Home Delivery

We bring wholesome, healthy and flavorful food to your table. With no need to shop, chop and step-by-step prep, you can now let go of some of that daily stress. How's this: It's Tuesday, BOUTIQUE MEALS delivery arrives. Reheat your meals and serve.  You can make your appointments, lessons or spend quality time together. There's more in the fridge for every night this week. 

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Business Luncheons and Special Events - Banquet Hall

Food for 5 or 500? Let us customize a menu for your event. Your guests will rave about the unique dishes we serve, or learn about our banquet hall located in Toronto.

Personal Care in Catering

 We all have unique tastes and preferences. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and we believe our clients help to enrich our culinary approach. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!


Can I start my meal plan today?

We work on a weekly cycle. Delivering only on Tuesdays allows you to have the food you need for the busy week ahead and gives us a chance to plan, shop and prepare a well balanced selection for the following week.

How do I select my meals?

Every week we post a new menu online. Just click on the latest date and make your selections. Adjust quantities as you like.

Do you offer vegetarian?

We don't split our menu into categories but do offer a variety of vegetarian-friendly options each week.

Do you do dairy-free and gluten-free?

We do not focus on providing dairy-free or gluten-free meals although many items we offer do fall into that category.

Can I get this for my office?

You can always bring your meals to your office as our containers are great to use in a microwave oven. If you want to order for an office function you can simply place an order for your office address. 

Do you provide nutritional information?

No, but we do provide a detailed listing of ingredients and a brief description of each food item. We also take a lot of care to offer you a healthy and balanced selection of foods each week.

Do you customize individual meals?

Our flexible servings tool allows you to customize your quantities but not the recipe. This allows us to prepare consistently delicious and affordable meals to all of our clients.

How long can I store my meals?

We do not recommend storing your food for longer than 5 days.

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